Forum Magazine Number 0301
text by Mark Isitt

"A 40 m2 apartment for 5000 skr per month was Bo01s cheapest.
And most amusing.
It was probably the joy to have been given the chance to participate that marked Johan Annerheds solutions.
Out of Bo 01's 50 and something interior designs, this second year student from the School of Architecture in Lund found the most personal expression. With skill he avoided all the trends that the rest of the field has embraced. No purple, no oiled oak, no feeling that the interior should be there always and for ever.
Instead it was spontaneity and humour that directed: partition walls and doors made of translucent "channel-plastic" boards, rows of crispbread as boder between kitchen and living room, wallpaper with monsters made from Maurice Sendaks illustrations on the inside of a wardrobe. And even more amusing, the "drumtable" i the living room- quite ordinary at first sight but made from a series of hollow boxes in different sizes and different sounds. And the kitchen table (down left) with its countersunk aquarium where leftovers and hole bacon rinds could be wiped down.
The fish was a piraya.
The feathery stools with glassfiber seat and steel base showed that Annerhed is capable of creating beautiful sculptural furniture from almost nothing. Mark Isitt